Get Moving 2016

Thanks to modern science and medical research, we’re all becoming increasingly aware of the need to keep our bodies moving. Sedentary lifestyles are a real drag on physical, mental, and emotional health. With that said, most people this year are getting fit in ways that might be a bit unexpected. This summer , thanks to the wild success of Pokemon Go, we’re seeing fitness phenomena pop up in the most unlikely places!

Our  team looks at different ways people are getting moving this year.

Pokemon Go

The most widespread craze this year isn’t completely fitness-centric, but it’s certainly got a lot of non-traditional exercisers out and about! Pokemon Go is the viral smartphone game which plants virtual Pokemon creatures all around your environment, using GPS mapping technology. To catch the creatures, you have to actually chase them down, and seek them out wherever they’re hiding. To use their skills in competition against your fellow characters and “hatch” the “egg”, you have to log a certain number of miles. You might not have thought traditional gamers would go to all that effort. Contrary to many expectations, though, they’ve taken like a moth to a flame. Pokemon Go is now the most popular mobile game in history, and it’s even passed Tinder as the most popular app! The game’s creators actually envisioned this taking root, but it’s surpassed even their wildest expectations. The company that designed the game in partnership with Nintendo is out to come up with games that encourage exercise and motion during play, but they’ve never seen success in the mainstream market quite like this. Now, this game isn’t getting people running or lifting, but we can easily see how a future game might incentivize workouts by linking lifting to power-ups, for instance, or jumping jacks with agility points. Of course, there are lots of debates raging over whether the game is a force for good or evil, and there are points to be made for both sides. But hey, if it gets gamers out and active, that’s a wild success for fitness!


Standing desks were all the rage in 2015, and this year office workers and executives are taking it a step (or a jog) further by hitching up desks and workstations to treadmills. People walk while typing, or crank up to a run or a jog while they’re taking that important conference call. Now, you might not be able to get away with a treadmill in your cubical, but if you’re like many of our writers and work from home, you should seriously look into a tread mill desk setup. They’re less all-consuming than an elliptical, and our guinea pigs around the office said it doesn’t take too long to master type-walking. After all, most of us text on the move already, and that’s a way smaller keyboard to work with. You can find the top rated treadmills for home use over at Home Fitness Intel.

Cardio Incognito

One of the most popular trends in the past few years is to mask cardio in another activity, like dancing (Zumba) or even swordfighting. These innovative aerobic activities are usually classes which meet every week or so, and develop balance, coordination, and core strength in addition to burning off fat. Of course, the best part of these classes is that they don’t feel like doing exercise. They also give you various skills, whether it’s a new dance move or combat moves.

CA Votes Finally Counted

Well, it’s halfway through July, which means that primary season is well and truly over. Well, at least in theory. In reality, votes are still coming in, over a month after the California Democratic Primary. That’s left supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign frustrated and venting their anger over what they see as a rigged system that’s robbed their candidate of delegates. Of course, California isn’t the first state to display voter irregularities this election cycle. New York and Arizona both had issues with voter rolls bring purged, votes being miscounted, and polling places being closed or moved without warning.  

While about 4% of the final count appears to have swung to Sanders, Clinton is still the clear victory in the primary. Many analysts have speculated that the result was at least somewhat influenced by the AP’s decision to call the primary for Clinton the night before the final vote, based on an informal and somewhat suspect survey of unelected superdelegates.The latest results are unlikely to change much about the current situation, but they will probably fuel the Bernie or Bust supporters’ deep suspicions of the primary process in the near future, heading into the July convention.

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